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Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
1:31 pm
In the main setting of the story, Delilah is aged 17... legally "adult" in the universe and has joined the military. Delilah was quickly assigned to the "Special Weapons Division" which is where the story is set. The final story of Delilah will be when she is aged to 26, 9 years after the story has begun. There will be flashbacks to her aged 2 and 12... both of which were important events in her past.

She is above average hight for a girl, but not "tall". She has very long red hair, which she attempts to keep under control by braiding, but like untamed fire, its never fully kept. Other than a tragedy earlier in her life (her mother killed her father and tried to frame her for it... plot point for later) she has lived a relatively sheltered and innocent life, which is reflected in the way she looks at life, trusting and fair. Her eyes are open and blue, and her hair the color of red blazing fire. Her skin is slightly tanned, not dark and bronze, but not pale and "alabaster" either. Her face is pretty, though with smaller lips than normal... she will never be "pouty". Her features are more bookish than classic, her nose not pointed, but almost button like. Delilah's figure is well kept, though not "curvy", she has the build of a runner, slender, with slight muscle tone and just a hint of residual baby fat. She walks with the grace of an athlete, and tends to drink in the world around her.

When not in uniform (design of uniform pending....) Delilah prefers to wear flowing clothing. She enjoys loose cloths which don't hinder her movement, and is rarely worried about being "fashionable". Not all of her outfits are dresses, but she is conscious to always wear at least "biking shorts" when wearing a skirt or dress, since she can fly.

At the start of the story, Delilah only has a small subset of her powers. She can fly, though not at great speed, and she can focus "bolts of flame"... which can cause some interesting side effects based on her third power. Her final "starting" power... is a strange one.

Around Delilah... fire is alive, when she moves away from it, it reverts back to primal forces. She can "communicate" with it... in a way that is not understood by anybody else. The fact that fire is alive when near her is not a conscious choice of Delilah... it just happens. Most of the time the fire listens to her, but as all things suddenly given free will, it does not always obey. The living flames will always protect her, but being newly "born", the fire does not always understand what she needs protecting from. Fire its self never seams to harm her... even when covered with flames, she remains unscathed... and her clothing is normally fine (Except a few singe marks)... "It was just being friendly". The fire, when awakened, has abilities and control far beyond what traditional fire has. It seams to require less "fuel" to burn that imaginable... can choose to not harm something, or to grow to un imagined proportions. Living fire is not bound by any rules, other than oxygen and proximity... though the amount of oxygen is consumes can vary.
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
3:27 pm
Hum... I am thinking that using a journal to outline the plot might not be a good idea... too... linear...

I think I might put up a private wiki... so i can do it shotgun aproch... fill in the highlight.s... and let it grow from there
Friday, May 13th, 2005
3:13 pm
2:38 pm
The plans of mice and men seam to hold sway over nothing, so this will be rather short.

I am going to write this as if it was a comic, mainly because that was the "format" most preferred in Fredrick's games, and also its something that I can cling to for structure and flow. If at some point I come across a talented artist who wants to illustrate it, awesome. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. I expect allot of Retcon to happen at first, since I am fleshing things out.

Something that intrigues me is the idea of two "stories" going on at the same time, but separated by years of time from each other. For example... if this were a web comic, with one page released per day/week then I would divide the panel into 8 "blocks" 2 wide and 4 tall. the top two would be from Story A, while the bottom 6 would be from Story B. Though it may sound strange at first, the idea would be that Story A happened far in the past, and Story B is "current". Story A would progress rather slowly compared to Story B, only ending at the end of a arc, many many pages later. But when it does end, you see how both Story A and Story B tie into each other, where there was two stories, at the end there as only one all along. I would want Story A to be black and white, or at least rather muted in colors. Story B would be the main hook, in vibrant color and draw the reader along.

Another "great" idea i have, is starting the story at the end. Gee, that has been done to death, but I think that it might work, since it provides a hook for the readers. A great story is not about the destination, but about the adventures along the way. About the people who are met, about the sights seen. A great story is about the choices made, and the effect those have. I would want to start with my story of Delilah last stand, the time far in the future, where she dies.

"A Star is born"

Ok... not as short as I thought it would be. But hell, nobody except me is reading this.
2:22 pm
The Start
I have an idea, one for a story.

Long ago a friend of mine, Fredrick, ran a Marvel RPG (Card system) game, but based on a future society. All of the players were super powered, and worked for a police force. Intergalactic police, except that the group that all the players were in was special. Kind of like the Dirty Pair, things tended to escalate when the players were involved. The main enemy was an inter dimensional alien race trying to invade this dimension.

My character was called Delilah... she was a fire wielder. Through some lucky card draws in the beginning, she was rather powerful, and um... this got her in trouble allot. I had some good ideas for post and pre game background stories... and well here they are. I am going to take the story of Delilah that was in my head, the story for my character, and re jiggle it into its own universe. I am going to transplant her into a new universe, that is similar (military special forces instead of police)... and very different... no inter dimensional aliens.

Lets see how this goes?
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